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Chinese Drywall
(aka corrosive drywall, toxic drywall, Mexico or Canada drywall)

Cahill Inspection Services (CIS) does not inspect for corrosive or tainted drywall or its symptoms. (aka Chinese drywall). It is an emerging subject and we are monitoring it. 
The following is provided as supplemental information.

Summary: Imported drywall (aka tainted, corrosive, Chinese is reported to cause corrosion of metals in the home and or cause health problems. It is alleged to have been used from about 2001 to the present in some new homes or remodeling. Periods between 2004 and 2007 seem to be more common.  It is uncertain what homes in Texas contain the material. If you have a drywall concern contact an industrial hygienist or engineering firm familiar with the testing and remediation protocols. The Consumer Product safety Commission has also provided information. Please research

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